Speed Test

Speed Test

Anyone who is interested to find the speed of their actual broadband connection speed, have a sophisticated speed testing tool in their hands provided by speedtest.net. It is a service free of charge, which is provided from Ookla that can open testing locations in hundreds of numbers throughout the world. It is provided for anyone who has the curiosity to test the performance of their internet connectivity. Our services can be used to know about the service performance of your network and also share the information and compare with networks of other around the globe.

Speedtest.net has become the standard for testing internet connection in the entire globe with about 50 million speed tests being done every month. It is available in the internet, in android and iPhone mobile platforms. All data collected from all over the world is compiled as a statistics in the Net Index site, where people can check the speed of the bandwidth of all the countries and find those according to specific locations.

How Is The Speed Test Measured?

On starting the speedtest, a script which is coupled with a file is loaded into the test server. During the process of downloading any particular file, the script keeps a note of it and the DSL speed of your computer is calculated. In case of switching on the firewall, the data cannot be sent back to the coupled script and the speed test fails.

Is The Measurement Of The Speed Test Exact?

In case the file loading gets extended by artificial means and factors, the display of the speed is faulty.With a 3,000 DSL connection, the result is seen to be staying within a particular range. It is usually in the range of 2.5 to 3.5 MBPS. In case the test result shows considerable differences, then the speed test should be done again. Another measurement should be done at a later time. In case there is a difference in the tests for 3 times, done at different times in a day utilizing the DSL speed, then the service provider should be got in touch or the speed test should be done with some other provider.

Reasonable Ranges Are

  • ADSL / DSL 1.000 -> values between 800 kbs und 1.2 MBs
  • ADSL / DSL 2.000 -> values between 1.7 MBs and 2.3 MBs
  • ADSL / DSL 3.000 -> values between 2.5 MBs and 3.5 MBs
  • ADSL / DSL 6.000 -> values between 5.5 MBs and 6.5 MBs

Variations of 0 - 25% can occur in this case, measure again or later. For such ADSL speedtest results which are unclear, speedcheck should be done again and repeated at varying times in a day and also on different days. Other internet calls and downloads should be stopped when the test is going on.

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